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Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Bad experiences shopping online

Well, they said that online shops are there for a reason. Especially if you're pregnant, always busy or having babies/ small children at home that makes you think twice to bring them along to shopping complexes / supermarkets.

Online shops had been my 'new best friend' nowadays since the weather is super hot here, and my husband keep complaining that i take too long to shop (even it is just for 10 minutes, i swear...haha.even THAT is too long for him) so i always end up going to the same shop twice. First time to 'browse' and only at second time to buy (pick this, that and pay...less than 6's not fair!). Buying directly from the shop do give you some advantages, such as :

1. The price is cheaper. 
2. You don't have to bear the postage cost.
3. You know exactly the quality and colour.
4. Sure to fit you perfectly (clothes).
5. Sometimes, can have extra discounts!

Even tough i am so in love with this online shopping method, i do have some bad experiences such as : 

1. The dress i bought online appears shorter, even the picture indicates that it is a long dress (and the model wearing it shows it is indeed a long dress!-commercial photo). That's why i prefer actual picture of the item rather in catalog.

2. It indicates that the size is Medium or Large but i can't fit it!(what a waste). So bear in mind that the models in a commercial photo is wayyyy slimmer / smaller ya :-)

3. The retailer / blogger of an online shop demand payment immediately, but FAILS to post it to me  immediately (hmphhh). I can understand if he/she inform me earlier about it. SILENCE/ excuses is not the solution.

4. I do faced some frustration when the clothes i bought seems uglier (looks worn out) while in the picture it shows the item is still in a very good condition (the owner says so too). So from now on it's a no no to any preloved items except for reseller whom i trust and have the guts to come clean with the real condition of their pre loved items.

So, to avoid such circumstances, (i do learn some lesson here..whoa!) what i should do next time are as follows ( and can be a valuable tips for you too!):

1. Check out for testimony(s) of the online shop. Do take time to read either it is a reliable shop.

2. Do not hesitate to ask for measurements of the dress/ clothes and actual picture of it..(hey you are the customer)

3. Most importantly, don't deal with unfriendly retailer of an online shop that won't entertain your questions, or takes time to respond. No matter how desperate you want the item! 

However, i do have some sweet experiences while online shop. For instance, there is one time my parcel get lost in its way and the owner of the shop feel very sorry for me and replace the same item for free! She is so sweet! Then there is this one shop that gives me a lot of  freebies! Including a cute clutch belt that the retail price is quite expensive (the quality is very good) with all other accessories.There is also this lady that called and asked either i received my items safely and am i satisfied with it..:-)

Overall, i think i prefer the traditional way of shopping. Just go to the shop and choose whatever i want. It is more satisfying...

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