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Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Majlis Khatam Al Quran

Last week, our school held our anual Khatam Al Quran event. It was a new expirience for me since they want me to be the emcee...OMG i wonder how am i going to 'execute' this mission as i don't have the 'ustazah-like' personality..haha

So, what is khatam Al-Quran actually? Khatam means 'end' and Al-Quran is the holy Quran for us Muslims of course. 'End' of Quran means, when that particular person already mastered the content of the quran, or at least he/she can read/pronounce each word in the Quran accordingly.

My students in their beautiful outfit. Off white, just like a bride waiting for her akad nikah..hehe

There are also plenty of 'bunga telur' and pulut kuning on that day. I choose the pink one. The female teachers dress up in black jubah. We pose at the stage after the event. I am so happy because it was a grand one, despite lack of $$$ and sponsors.ngee

p/s: Just a few pictures taken. Busy 'emcee'ing troughout the event.


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Thursday, November 10, 2011
Cats meeowww!!!

First of all, condelences to the late Mejar Yeap Keng Leng's family for their loss (our beloved lecturer). He was such a strong person, you never know that he is sick/suffering.

I do expirience lots of miracles in life, hope his recovery will be one of them. I guess God has better plan for him...

Full stop.Do you ever go to a cat's carnival/ competition? Well, it is my first time to go to such event. I imagined that there will be many persian cat,with clothes and they're selling cats there too. Oh yes, it must be nasty with cat's poops too and air-conditioned.

But i was totally wrong. The place is crowded,all cats are in their cages and they put a gap between the hallway and the cages so you cannot touch the cat, just a few of persian cat (mostly just ordinary cat), not air conditioned, no cats accessories on sell, and uh... still very interesting. (haha)

This cat is very big. I wonder what it eats...KFC maybe?

See the badges??That is what the cat wins. It has many categories. I don't see/remember what..too crowded.

In love with this cat.Just like the sabrina's teenage witch cat. It managed to get 3rd place in the competition. Oh yes, during the competition, there will be many stations. Each stations will place 10 cats. There will be a judge and he/she will determined the ranking of each cats by giving a 'badge'. You understand what i'm saying??? haha.

We went home just after half and hour there. Crowded. Love the cats.Hate the crowd.


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Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Before I go to sleep....

Yes...i'm still here in front of this monitor chatting with my hubby. I miss him dearly. Ever wonder how it feels to get pregnant for the first time?and birth. (suddenly it struck my head). It gave me the fright. However, my desire (our desire) to have babies is much more stronger that i felt it's ok to go trough all the pain..and it is worth it. Still, it scares me (haha). Husband told me that if everyone can get trough it (our mothers did) than i could too... he promised to accompany me in the labour ward during giving birth later (punyalah berangan, heh).

So, pray for us ya to have our own 'juniors' soon (of course we want lots of them!) bhahaha..

ok.Go to sleep now.zz

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yesterday, we went to Logos Hope ship. Entry fee is RM1 for each person.Very exited because it it my first time on a ship!!!!

So, what is Logos Hope actually? Logos means learning. This ship travel around the world to sell books, and most importantly, to educate people (moral values and the importance of education)

We que up for about 15 minutes. There were a lot of people and we have to wait for our turn to enter the ship. Sorry i forget to upload pictures on how it looks inside there..hehe. The books sold there is cheap too! But it is crowded with people and i don't feel like choosing books there.

Logos Hope next destination : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. is huge! So, if you're thinking of buying books with resonable prices...then you should go.Bring a lot of cash..hehe..there are many books about sociology and political ethics there. I found it hard to find such books during my student days. (My juniors, you shold go,ok?)


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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hi ya alls! Ui ni memang dasar tak sopan tak ada bagi salam..hehehe..

So, salam dear readers. Just finished my short course about adobe photoshop. Will update about it soon and it was fun.Yeay! So, the school can rely on me to create banner, bunting, cd cover, phamplet etc..etc... (haha..perasan terer)

Married life is so exiting! Now my husband became my personal stylist. He kept suggesting me to wear this..and that..he ask me to wear selendang 'lilit-lilit' instead of tudung bawal (like makcik2 he said.not so up to date..haha) and wear more skirts or long gowns instead of long pants and blouse..He bought me so many clothes online too! (wow so sweet!).

I can't help but notice that he is much sweeter, more romantic and gentelman compare when we're dating. So the phrase 'ala, masa bercinta semua indah, tengoklah kalau sudah kahwin nanti...." is totally wrong.

So, don't fall for it!

Dear husband during a pre-school open day.

Sick-looking me during honeymoon

Our visit at IPGM Keningau. A suprise visit actually...haha. Miss my juniors. They must envy me for 'surviving' from all the assignments,rules and exams. Don't worry, your turn comes next! :-p

Picture above googled.

Very similar to my wedding attire for majlis bertandang at Pahang..hehe

So, i'm wearing a kebaya (almost) like this for that event. Cream colour.

Few days ago brought a beautiful veil here in Kuching. The colour match my wedding attire! yeay! So everything is complete ! Itupun ingatkan hendak beli terus crown and new imitate accessories (sgt cun ok terliur tengok ) because semua sekali still under budget. However, since sewa crown and accessories only cost me RM 20, better not to waste my money for that, kan?

p/s: Will only reveal my wedding attire after majlis bertandang ok? chewah..nak juga sekret2

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