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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sorry, i have been missing for a while. It is a longggg holiday for us and we've 'gone' to a few destinations.Honeymoon mood for the whole month..hehhee

So,guess where?

Updating soon.


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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yup..they said that this is the best cendol in town. However, it is hard for me to decide since i'm not a big fan of cendol...;-p

It taste heavenly good i would say ; with the ice (cold dessert), cendol, red bean and the thickness of the coconut milk! Yummy!!!
Husband enjoy it very much with extra 'tapai pulut' in it..
It is amazingly crowded despite the location that is a bit 'hidden'. Want the same cendol???? It is just in front of masjid shah alam ( just because it is in shah alam and i saw a masjid there, behind where the cendol truck is)


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Thursday, December 15, 2011

As promised, i'll do a little review about cameron highlands, Malaysia. It is not that complete, just a few opinions from my point of view.

In Cameron Highlands, they sell lot of things such as the propeller above. It is so cute and most of the things here is 'strawberry-theme'; that means every items sold here mostly have the strawberry pictures. I guess this is because the theme for cameron highlands is strawberry. So, if you have the strawberry obsession, it is a right place to visit..hehe

In front of the cactus point. You will see many types of cactus here but just the ordinary ones (that we usually see). I was expecting more when i come here such as giant cactus or something weird, but not here.

I'm so in love with this cactus. Very cute, like it wearing a hat ;-p

More cactus at only RM 5 EACH!Very colorful..

This is the Brinchang area / market where you can find souvenirs for your love ones. Each item written 'cameron highlands'. The price is reasonable too. From rm 6 and above.

Magnetic frogs for your fridge! Very cute and it can 'wiggle' it arms and legs too! A dozen for RM10 only.

See the green like fruit? It is guava-apple fruit or 'jambu epal'. The price is quite expensive, RM 10 for a couple of them. I wonder how it taste like, but since my husband said that it is not that delicious, so i don't buy it.

Strawberries!!!! But these strawberries is not that sweet like the korean-strawberries. It is sweet-sour taste. We bought 3 boxes of strawberries for RM10 and dip it with chocolate whenever we want to eat it. It taste better!

Can you spot the bees?

If you can't spot them, i present to you the queen bee! the biggest bee of all...haha...the bee farm is quite interesting..they also have this lost maze where you can go inside and get lost! The weather here at cameron is very cold too...around 25 degree i guess...So most people here enjoy having hot drinks most of the time..Oh yes, you should try the bharat tea is very delicious! (at bharat point)


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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hi there! First of all, i forget to mention that i will be transferring to Jerantut,Pahang next year and we're moving to our new home (yeay!). So ta-ta Kuching,Sarawak and i guess it will be 'back to square one' situation for me. But it is ay-o.k as i always taught it will be quite a new adventure for me everyday.I do miss my hometown, and will always visit there if i had the chance (and $$$ of course..haha)

Moving to a new house means a lot of space for both my husband and i. So, he bought a new display cabinet for my blythe home (since i don't have that much space back in Kuching). I want it to be white cabinet, but can't complain much as it is a bargain! The cabinet is cheaper than we taught and we just grab it!

All of my 'home sets' are back in Kuching so i just can't wait to go back, bring it all here and start my project. Recently i bought a new set of miniatures living room here and now hunting for kitchen set miniatures.

I do lots of homework before starting off this project and i realize that most doll houses use present papers as 'wallpapers'. Each room will use different wallpapers and it turn out beautifully. For the floor, they printed out 'wooden like' patterns and just stick it at the bottom of the cupboard. It seems nice and real too...;-)

So, my doll house should be like must be fun right? I know such project is costly and expensive so i decided to hunt for the items myself and use cheaper materials; not the custom made miniatures or rament because the price doesn't suit our budget. So we'll see the outcome later ya..


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Saturday, December 10, 2011

During this school holidays, we went to our 2nd honeymoon (yippie!) at Cameron Highlands, Pahang. It was a 2 hrs and 30 min journey from Jerantut, Pahang and i must say a tiring one. We stay at Jasmine Hotel, Brinchang since it is the cheapest (haha) and comfortable one. I prefer to stay at Tanah Rata, Cameron because i always have this taught of landslides and everything demolished and Tanah Rata is the safest (my opinion). However, the rates are killing us and since it is school holidays, everything is expensive here!

Husband buy vegetables. We bought almost every vegetables we can find here. In the end, we found out that Jerantut sell the same veggy cheaper by 50%!!

Me at cactus point.We do bought some cactus.6 cactus for RM10 only.

Here, in bee farm; but where are the bees???? I'll show you later, ok? In my next entry about Cameron Highlands.

That strawberry surely not for real.

Shopping for some plants for our new home. Bought that xmas tree also by my left.

I don't remember the name of this place, but we bought a lot of plants here. When buying plants, make sure it can survive at your place because some plants can only survive humid climate like cameron only.

Dear husband at bee farm. (He refuses to take pictures before but i manage to take this picture of him after a gzillions efforts.haha).

p/s: still thinking our next destination for the next honeymoon..hehe


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Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello there!'s been a while since i updated my blog .. (sorry...). It have been a very hectic life for me last month, with our Pahang wedding reception.

Unlike in Kuching, we use caterer services for both majlis akad nikah and bersanding so there is no fuss/worries about the food, plates, tables, canopy and everything that we want to serve the guests; however in Pahang, we really do it the 'kampung' / traditional style where we have this 'rewang', prepare all the plates, cups (and the list goes on including the cooking utensils), not to mention the cooking part, cleaning the house and everything ... (sigh*). Guess what? It was tiring but so much fun! At least i have the experience. In the future, i know what to expect in such event.Right?

My husband's cousin also do their wedding reception here. ( Reception for the groom side of the family ). Here we are at the 'pintu gerbang' (entrance) of the house, where we sit for a while to give the guests chances to take our pictures. It felt like you are miss universe or something because people are rushing/pushing to take pictures of you..haha.Oh, BTW..we are the couple that sit on the right side.

My husband's and i bought the pengantin outfits. Even i do my own hand bouquet. It turns out just nice. I feel a little anxious actually a few days before, because i worry that the other couple outshines us..hehe..however it turn out just fine.I am very glad that both wedding reception was finally done. So i can rest for the whole school holidays....wee!!


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