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Monday, May 28, 2012
Crystal Mosque, Terengganu

Yeay! Dear husband will be back today! 3 days seems to last forever. As promised, behold ; the crystal mosque of Terengganu.

Well, you don't think that it is made from pure crystals right? If so, then we will be worrying about people steal the crystals day and night..hehe. Actually, the exterior of this mosque was built from a shining golden-bronze glass (or is it mirror because you can see your reflection clearly) that made it seems crystal-like. It shines perfectly under the striking sunshine as if it is glittering.

On top of it, it is located on a river that made it as one of the most famous 'floating-mosque' here in Malaysia. With its amazing architecture plus the breath-taking scenery, i can say that it is so perfect that it should be in the list of 7 wonders of the world! (so ambitious..hehe)

 The main door to the females' praying room. I should take my wedding pictures here last time ;-p

The signboard says ''welcome to the crystal mosque".

Surprisingly, the interior is not as transparent as we taught. The transparent part is just for lighting propose i think. It still use concrete inside but of course with beautiful carvings.I heart the chandelier, wondering how much it costs because it is very gigantic!

Even the 'telekung' (for us females Muslims use to wear during prayer) is so luxury with high quality fabric and the colorful  embroidery.

Huge praying area

The chandelier.

I  should take more pictures, however, we were bound with the school tour schedule. We missed many interesting parts here.. ( T_T )*. So that's all...chow

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Saturday, May 26, 2012
Terengganu Gateaway

Hello. Quite a long time since I last blogged here. (same sentence every time..;-p). My husband went off to Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu today (for 3 days) so i have lots of time by myself doing my own stuff..hehe. So, last time, my husband and I finally went to Kuala Terengganu ( a school trip actually ) for 2 days and one night. There are so many attractions here that we planned to go there again next time. 

First of all, there is this floating mosque at Kuala Ibai or they call it as Masjid Sultanah Tuanku Zahirah. 
( Named after the Queen's name). It is pure white and so beautiful (represents the queen perhaps that is pretty indeed). I remembered the Taj Mahal of India when i first saw it. Perhaps it represents the peoples' love for  their queen.

Secondly, the cystal clear water...that is what i love the most about Terengganu.

See...crystal clear water..... the beach is very clean too.

So, this is the famous crystal mosque. Will blog about it more in my next entry ya!

The suspension bridge near Pasar Payang.

We also visited the old folks home. The place is comfortable, however it toched me because i strongly believe that parents should stay with their children in their old days and they should take care of them.

Next, we went to the Islamic Monument park. Worth it! RM15 Per entry/ per person.

Yippie! We ride on this mini train too! sweat at all..hehe

So, what so special about this park? You see, it got all 25 famous mousqe all around the world build in smaller scale. Just look at the above is so adorable, right?

You can also enter some of the mosque. This is my favourite. The rock mosque.

I entered the mosque! The ressemblece is superb! I am speechless. It is said that this mosque is named 'the rock mosque' because there is a floating rock here that brings our Prophet Muhammad up his first step during 'Ísyra' Mikraj'. Do pardon me if i'm wrong...:-)

Later that day we went by boat along the river just beside this park. By then our camera went dead.:-(...However, it is a memorable expirience that i think we should bring our whole family here!

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