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Monday, April 22, 2013
our joy

Delivered a cute baby boy on the 8th of april is quite hectic but full of joy!will update about it soon...

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Friday, January 25, 2013
Guidelines for baby shopping

It have been a long hiatus, right?Sorry dear readers, time flies very fast and we are very exited shopping for our little junior ! We are not sure either the baby is 'he' or 'she' but as long as the baby is healthy, it is good enough for us. 

As a first-time mommy, i really have no idea what to buy for a newborn baby. So i do ask my mom's opinion and other mommies what they usually bought for their newborns: 

 1. Buy everything moderately because we don't know how big is the baby. Just buy a few clothes, booties & mittens, socks, and cap.

2. Avoid buying clothes for newborn (or written for newborn) because from their experience, it is too small or the baby can wear it just for a short time. Bear in mind that newborns grows fast. Buy 3-6 months or 6 months clothes for babies should be ok.

3. Buy baby bath/shampoo set in a small size. You have no idea if your baby is allergic to it or not.

4. Must buy blankets / blankets with hoodie to wrap the baby after he/she is born (up until 3 months) 

5. Buying extra towels ( up to 2-3 towels) is ok because it is essential for your baby as they will use it everyday. Buy some napkins (10 pcs, 100% cotton) for the early  months of newborns because they get rashes easily. Don't simply use disposable diapers yet.

6. Bib for baby and extra handkerchief for mommies use when breastfeeding.

7. Do not hesitate buying first class quality products  for your baby. It might be expensive and involves a lot of money (especially for first time mommy/ first newborn)  but it is worth it.

So, this is what i bought so far. I think it is enough for the time being :-)

1. Bath set (1)
2. Napkin liners 120 pcs (1 box)
3. Plastic tie pants (10 pcs) for napkins 
4. Baby binder (2 pcs)
5. Towel (2 pcs)
6. Hooded blanket (1)
7. Socks (1)
8. Newborn booties & mitten set (1)
9. Booties & mitten set (7)
10. Baby cap (1) 

1. Baby printed napkins (10 pcs)
2. Long sleeved clothes - cotton/ small holes (3 pcs) 
3. Short sleeved clothes - cotton/ small holes (2 pcs)

1. Baby mattress set (1)
2. Feeding bottle (2)
3. Baby wipes
4. Changing mat
5. Diapers bag
6. Bedding set (for baby cot)

For Mommy : 

1. Baby warmer / bottle sterilizer 
2. Breast pump (automatic / electric)
3. Nursing Bra (2)
4. Nursing pads (20 pcs)
5. Maternity pad 
6. Socks (2 pcs)

Now we are hunting for the perfect baby cot. I was eying this baby cot from IKEA. Love it!

Already bought but not in the picture :

1. Baby hooded towel (1)
2. Baby cot mosquito net and stand 
3. Breast-milk storage bottles (10 pcs)
4. Baby blanket (3 pcs)

Hope everything will go as planned. We just don't want to get too exited and always pray for our baby's health everyday. Do wish the best for us! 

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Bad experiences shopping online

Well, they said that online shops are there for a reason. Especially if you're pregnant, always busy or having babies/ small children at home that makes you think twice to bring them along to shopping complexes / supermarkets.

Online shops had been my 'new best friend' nowadays since the weather is super hot here, and my husband keep complaining that i take too long to shop (even it is just for 10 minutes, i swear...haha.even THAT is too long for him) so i always end up going to the same shop twice. First time to 'browse' and only at second time to buy (pick this, that and pay...less than 6's not fair!). Buying directly from the shop do give you some advantages, such as :

1. The price is cheaper. 
2. You don't have to bear the postage cost.
3. You know exactly the quality and colour.
4. Sure to fit you perfectly (clothes).
5. Sometimes, can have extra discounts!

Even tough i am so in love with this online shopping method, i do have some bad experiences such as : 

1. The dress i bought online appears shorter, even the picture indicates that it is a long dress (and the model wearing it shows it is indeed a long dress!-commercial photo). That's why i prefer actual picture of the item rather in catalog.

2. It indicates that the size is Medium or Large but i can't fit it!(what a waste). So bear in mind that the models in a commercial photo is wayyyy slimmer / smaller ya :-)

3. The retailer / blogger of an online shop demand payment immediately, but FAILS to post it to me  immediately (hmphhh). I can understand if he/she inform me earlier about it. SILENCE/ excuses is not the solution.

4. I do faced some frustration when the clothes i bought seems uglier (looks worn out) while in the picture it shows the item is still in a very good condition (the owner says so too). So from now on it's a no no to any preloved items except for reseller whom i trust and have the guts to come clean with the real condition of their pre loved items.

So, to avoid such circumstances, (i do learn some lesson here..whoa!) what i should do next time are as follows ( and can be a valuable tips for you too!):

1. Check out for testimony(s) of the online shop. Do take time to read either it is a reliable shop.

2. Do not hesitate to ask for measurements of the dress/ clothes and actual picture of it..(hey you are the customer)

3. Most importantly, don't deal with unfriendly retailer of an online shop that won't entertain your questions, or takes time to respond. No matter how desperate you want the item! 

However, i do have some sweet experiences while online shop. For instance, there is one time my parcel get lost in its way and the owner of the shop feel very sorry for me and replace the same item for free! She is so sweet! Then there is this one shop that gives me a lot of  freebies! Including a cute clutch belt that the retail price is quite expensive (the quality is very good) with all other accessories.There is also this lady that called and asked either i received my items safely and am i satisfied with it..:-)

Overall, i think i prefer the traditional way of shopping. Just go to the shop and choose whatever i want. It is more satisfying...

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Culture Festival

There is a lot concern readers that said my blog takes time to download completely. Sorry for the cause, i do try some tips to improve it but everytime i do some changes, this page become a chaos! Pictures missing and words become symbols that makes me a little bit reluctant to made any changes for the time being...hehe. However, i'll try my best to do other alternatives to improve this blog ok?Thank  you for all your support and comment guys!

So, this time i would like to share about our school culture festival. This are my year 1 and 2 students. They said that i'm taking a huge risk training them because they can't cope to the dance steps in a short time ( time given is only in 3 weeks) however, i'm willing to do so because they are much easier to handle than the level 2 students.

They are very exited to wear such beautiful costumes, and i do put on some brightttt make up too! This was my first attempt and thank God it turns out nicely. I'm so afraid to make them look ugly/funny or resembles a clown..haha
They did a very good job while dancing on the stage. I didn't capture that moment because i am too nervous they will forget their steps while dancing. Guess what? we got the 4th place in the competition!I am so proud of them because all the other competitors are from level 2 students.

There is also a fashion show competition on that's fun having our sstudents to dress up beautifully on that day...

This girl in a traditional Chinese costume won second place.
A girl in an Indian outfit.Cute!
The stage.
The Crowd...
This group won first place in the dancing competition.They perform the 'joget' dancing.
2nd place was this group, performing the 'kuda kepang' dance ( the horse dance ).
3rd place with an 'inang' dance performance...
We are having fun during the whole day.Hopefully, i can get my dance group to win first place next year..:-)

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Thursday, November 22, 2012
A Happy Customer

Now, it's already school holidays, yeay! I've spend most of my time at home *like a boss..hehe. In two weeks time, we're going for a trip to Sabah and Sarawak (can't wait). For the time being, most of my time was spend in front of the laptop.Surfing.or should i say, on-line shopping ? ^o^ 

Out of the sudden, i got bored with my typical black cardigan (finally i realized it!).There are all sorts of black cardigan in my closet; you named it, puffy sleeves, long cardi, half round cardi, sweater-like but all in black! Hey, where did all my fashion-taste go??

Luckily, when i do some surfing (bare in mind, i was looking for a half cardigan, chic looking,cute and of course with a touch of cheerful colours) i bumped with some site that is offering exactly what i want! (after tons of frustration because cute items like this are selling fast and always out of stock). Above pictures : white cardigan/pink cardigan that is tucked safely in my closet..<3 br="br">

I love the pearls and ruffles around the it much!!!

Also brought beige colour with the same design...i missed out the white colour because it is reserved a day before i placed order for it..:-( ... so check this online store HERE. They give you the best service ever! And I am very very satisfied with the quality of their products (plus the affordable price)

I also bought this cute off white cardigan....however it is pre-loved. Got some defects here and there, but overall, i'm satisfied.. :-)..check it out HERE..

So, is there any fashion sites that you like?Do share it!:-)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
KIDS at heart

3 months. A very long hiatus i suppose...hehe. I have been checking my blog now and then, and i really do feel guilty for not updating. School holidays is just around the corner and there are tons work to be done and it really stressed me out!

However, we do 'steal' some time and plan our own gateway to KIDZANIA, Kuala Lumpur! Ever heard of it? Actually, Kidzania is a small town for kids. Everything is build in a quite small scale to fit a kids' need, e.g the tables are smaller, the stairs is covered with sponge, small trolley and everything for kids!

Icon of Kidzania, KIDOS world, (i forget their names, there are 3 of them)

So this is the town's hospital

Kids can actually have the expirience becoming a real doctor! For instance, in this picture, they are given real outfits to do surgery. There is a mentor there explaining what they usually do in an operation (to the dummy) and kids not only watch, they do it practically too!

Schoolkids....exited to enter Kidzania...they just can't wait (so do I ...haha )

The main entrance...where you scan your wrist tag. By the way, you can go in or out of the buiding (and go inside back) as long as you have the wrist tag with you.

Poslaju national courier...where kids get their chance to deliver goods/ packages  around the town

Work in progress...the children change bulb ( i think so ) around the city

I love this!They do actual make up, dress up , catwalk and real paparazi is there too to take pictures!

The theathere...where kids go to acting class first then perform a real drama!

Cooking lesson! Yummy!

I like this one too...girls have their chance to do their own jewlerry to take it home!

Kidzania Town

Uh-oh ... i can say this is my favourite... a mini saloon with everything chic and cute! See the small sized chair? So adorable!

Menicure, pedicure, make up or wash your hair here!

Kids can also ride this fire truck here!Fun is it? Troughout all the activity, kids will earn Kidos money and they can spend it in Kidzania town! How fun is that? They actually learn to manage their own money.

So, interested? Do surf Kidzania Kuala Lumpur for more information. Open daily from 10 am to 3 pm or (2nd session) from 4 pm to 9 pm.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012
This is how we say goodbye

Hello everyone.It's been quite a long time and Ramadhan (fasting season) is here!It is our first time fasting and waking up early in the morning and cooking for dear husband for sahur is actually exiting! Really do it like a pro when i can prepare all the dishes in less than half and hour ;-p

I noticed some advertisment about Sabah as holiday destintion (cuti-cuti Malaysia) programme at TV3 but not sure about the time and day it is on air. So for those who planning for Sabah gateway, then the show will surely help you.

This time, i would like to share about our headmaster's farewell celebration. (we also celebrate goodbye too..hehe). I don't remember the date, however the celebration goes well and exiting! (in a sad way perhaps).

It was our headmaster's 58th birthday and on that day, is his retirement day. The cake looks stunning and it was so delicious too! Sponsored by a local cake house (one of our student's mother who owns a bakery). So i guess it had its own sentimental value..:-p

On the stage, we set up this sort of 'pelamin' (usually for wedding couple). It is simple yet sweet. We really do want our headmaster to feel like 'raja sehari' (king) on that day. Beside him is his wife. She is so sweet and they blushed sitting there. (it is actually a suprise for them where they taught it would just be a formal event)

The crowd - teacher, students, staff, ex students (of the headmaster) and also some villagers who attend the celebration and to say goodbye to the headmaster.

There were a lot of presents too!this is just a part of it. By the end of the day, our headmasters' mpv were full of gifts and we have to arrange it carefully to fit it all  inside.

Students saying their goodbye by 'salam' (just like the picture)

The hadmaster waving goodbye while driving a golf cart (buggy)

Eating time. Even the main table for the headmaster is decorated beautifully.


The feast

We wish all the best and a long life after your retirement , Mr. headmaster (^o^)

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